Sense. Detect. Understand.

Long-range, high-resolution depth perception using industry-standard cameras.

10cm - 1000+M RANGE
Improve decision making and efficiency with your preferred balance of near, mid, and long range perception.
Measured — not inferred
Depth derived from domain-independent signal processing with detailed geometry irrespective of scene content.
Configurable FOV
Horizontal field of view (HFOV) up to 120º and vertical field of view (VFOV) up to 75º.
No additional fusion required
Per-pixel depth computed across the entire camera field of view.
Leverages continuous industry improvements and existing automotive component qualifications. Robust to weather, vibration, shock, and challenging illumination.
Camera Only
Passive optics, low power with no moving parts, and many standard supply chain options for lens and sensors.

Guidehouse Insights

Accurate Ranging Perception for Assisted and Automated Driving

Sam Abuelsamid, Principal Analyst

This report provides an overview of the assistive and automated driving technology landscape including the steps these systems take and how distance and trajectory are measured by various sensor types.