Sense. Detect. Understand.

Long-range, high-resolution depth perception using industry-standard cameras.

A camera-based perception platform that sees every 3D structure in the road from 10cm to 1000m, no matter what it is.
10cm - 1000+M RANGE
Improve decision making and efficiency with your preferred balance of near, mid, and long range perception.
Measured — not inferred
Depth derived from domain-independent signal processing with detailed geometry irrespective of scene content.
Configurable FOV
Horizontal field of view (HFOV) up to 120º and vertical field of view (VFOV) up to 75º.
No additional fusion required
Per-pixel depth computed across the entire camera field of view.
Leverages continuous industry improvements and existing automotive component qualifications. Robust to weather, vibration, shock, and challenging illumination.
Camera Only
Passive optics, low power with no moving parts, and many standard supply chain options for lens and sensors.
Upcoming Webinar
11.4.2020 | 1:00pm ET
Working with Light: Evaluation & Prototyping
Join the Light team to see our latest Clarity results as well as take a tour of our platform tools that will help you build a solution tailored to your specific perception needs.

To learn more about Light and Clarity, take a look at our previous two webinars here.
Your requirements.
Our expertise.

Machines as complex as automobiles, robots, and security systems have a multitude of evolving perception requirements. Light has designed a new signal processing-based platform to accommodate the specific perception needs of our customers and their unique applications. Share with us your use cases, and together we will tailor the right camera array to pair with the Light platform for an optimized perception solution.

Start Building
Today’s ADAS. Tomorrow’s Autonomous Vehicles.
L2 - L5

Enhances today’s ADAS while providing the building blocks for full autonomy.

Easy Integration 

Support provided to integrate with your in-vehicle platform.

Always improving

Ongoing updates that provide more capability over time.

Plays well 
with others.
Next-gen Light ASIC

Add our custom hardware accelerator as a discrete chip or license the IP for use in your own silicon program. Light’s self-contained processing frees your existing platforms to do more.

Complements other sensor modalities

Improves the entire sensor suite performance.

Leverage your existing supply chain

Your suppliers. Existing auto-grade components. All production-ready today. 

Clarity Partner Program
The Clarity Partner Program provides a limited number of participants early access to Light’s groundbreaking perception platform.
limited spots open now!
enable machines to see Better Than humans

Partner with us

If you are an automaker, OEM, supplier or developer of a full-stack solution, looking to build the next generation of vehicles with more capable ADAS or autonomous functionality then the Light partner program is for you.

*At this time we are not offering participation to academic institutions.
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