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Light Ambassadors

Thomas Sandfield

Hong Kong, China
Light ambassador Thomas Sandfield

Thomas Sandfield is a full-time photographer and cinematographer. Originally from Norway, Sandfield picked up photography in his teens and has not put his camera down since. Though he experiments with landscapes and portraits, Sandfield finds the most inspiration on the streets of Hong Kong. It is the ephemeral nature of street photography—the fact that he has one chance to freeze a moment in time—that makes Sandfield keep coming back, night after night.

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Jose Morales

Milwaukee, Wisconscin
Light ambassador Jose Morales

Jose Morales leans on the futuristic architecture of the 60s to create his distinct, minimalistic look. He's drawn to clean lines, simple, geometric spaces, and buildings that break convention. Depending on his mood, he shoots a mix of landscape, portraiture, and fine-art photography. When Jose is not shooting, he's probably traveling, always on the go from one adventure to the next. That's why the L16 has become his camera of choice. With its small form factor and high resolution, it allows Jose to push his creative limits. The L16's futuristic design is just an added perk.

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Meagan Bourne

Southern California
Light ambassador Meagan Bourne

Meagan Bourne is a full-time traveling photographer who specializes in wedding, adventure, and landscape photography. Her images look natural, but are filled with colorful highlights, deep tones, and dramatic contrast. Megan grew up spending most of her time outside and is now lucky to call the great outdoors her office. She's almost always either on the road or hiking in the backcountry, and the L16 makes it easy for her to travel as light as possible.

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