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Light ambassador

Thomas Sandfield

Hong Kong, China

Thomas Sandfield is a full-time photographer and cinematographer. Originally from Norway, Sandfield picked up photography in his teens and has not put his camera down since. Though he experiments with landscapes and portraits, Sandfield finds the most inspiration on the streets of Hong Kong. It is the ephemeral nature of street photography—the fact that he has one chance to freeze a moment in time—that makes Sandfield keep coming back, night after night.


IG - @thomassandfield

Photo captured by the Light L16 camera

Photographer profile

This globe-trotting photographer captures intimate scenes of daily life on the streets of Hong Kong.

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Photo captured by the Light L16 camera

Tokyo Dreaming

Ambassador Thomas Sandfield takes the L16's new low-light software for a spin around Tokyo.

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"I was really close to buying a Hasselblad but it’s the same price as a car. I opted for the L16 instead."

Thomas Sandfield

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