Light has developed and shipped disruptive, first-of-their-kind products.

We have already overcome the core challenges of making depth sensing passive optics universal.


Our calibrated systems adapt to adverse environments and allow for customized baselines and configurations.

Depth Mapping

Light's depth perception can determine exact geometry and depth inside the entire camera field of view.

Manufacturing at Scale

Innovative techniques and experienced validation allow for the use of off-the-shelf optics manufactured in low-skilled, high-volume environments to create incredibly powerful devices.
The Light L16

Computational Imaging redefines high-end photography.

Nokia9 Pureview

A fully-calibrated, multi-sensor array in a smartphone.

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Partner with us

If you are an automaker, OEM, supplier or developer of a full-stack solution, looking to build the next generation of vehicles with more capable ADAS or autonomous functionality then the Light partner program is for you.

*At this time we are not offering participation to academic institutions.
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