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The L16: There is gold in those pixels

The L16 allows me to create enormous, rich photographs without having to lug about lots of heavy gear. A friend has referred to it as the biggest bargain in medium format cameras since the images it creates have so much detail; when you zoom in, stories are revealed that you didn't know where there when you shot the photogrraph. The L16 is not a medium format camera, but you wouldn't know that from the enormous files it can create. To me, those discoveries in the detail are like finding gold. It is always a delight to get home and see on my computer so much more story than I had anticipated. In addition, I like to hike and find it a snap to carry the L16; this is especially important when I am on steep terrain, or slippery footing. I hike all winter, out on frozen waters and icy paths (I live in Northern Vermont in the USA and winter is long). In addition, the L16 is great for travel. It easily slips into my handbag, and I find I don't have to haul out the dslr and heavy lenses all the time. On a recent trip, I brought my usual hand luggage heavily weighted with cameras and lenses, and in the end, used only my L16. This is a serious camera, for serious photographers


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