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The World’s Most Advanced Imaging Platform.

Light’s multi-camera technology captures an unprecedented level of information and redefines what computational imaging can do. See how our technology creates market leading imaging solutions across a range of products and use cases.

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More Information,
More Resolution

Capture incredible amounts of detail about the world around you. We combine the data from multiple camera and sensor types, allowing us to maximize your imaging output. Imaging solutions that offer both better quality and a 3D representation of the world in a manner not previously possible.

Advanced Vision

We enable new opportunities around AR / VR applications, depth, and 3D perception. Each pixel is mapped in space, allowing you or a machine to see a scene in a whole new way and create advanced offerings in your imaging products.

Small and Powerful

Our lightweight and incredibly powerful technology is optimized for mobile applications, but has benefits to multiple other imaging technologies.

More Flexibility

Light solutions provide more flexibility than existing offerings. We can work with everything from industry standard camera modules and processors to completely custom architectures. This creates unprecedented opportunity to optimize for cost, size, and performance unique to your market.

More cameras.
More data.

Better imaging.

Better imaging.

Latest technology for
the most advanced imaging

Create better camera performance, enhanced computer vision, and increased resolution with Light’s three core technologies. Our camera arrays and The Light ASIC are optimized to be power and space efficient for the performance and features required. This combination changes the potential of what you can capture. Create a market-leading camera solution, all in less time than your competitors.

The Light ASIC

The world’s only multi-camera integrated circuit for up to 6, 12, or 18 cameras. Built specifically for computational imaging applications and optimized for mobile phones.

The Light ASIC is a dedicated chip that can control and transfer image data for up to six cameras simultaneously. On popular SoC platforms up to four Light ASICs can be used to coordinate as many as 24 cameras. When necessary, multiple Light ASICs can be interfaced to one another to allow even larger camera arrays. This chip was built specifically for computational imaging applications in everything from mobile phones, to security systems, to automotive systems.

The Light ASIC is small and incredibly efficient. The Package-on-Package chip is only 14 millimeters square, and designed for its memory to be stacked thereby saving valuable board space. The ASIC is also built for efficiency. It actively manages power consumption for active, preview, and standby modes, optimizing your device’s battery usage and thermal profile.

The Light ASIC and camera array work with the latest chipsets including the Qualcomm Snapdragon series, and multiple peripherals such as LED flashes, Time-of-Flight sensors, and Inertial Measurement Units. The Light ASIC independently coordinates control of all camera modules, simultaneously. It can achieve focus for all modules at a given region-of-interest, adjust exposure levels per aperture, while calculating white balance, all using Light proprietary calibration. With two MIPI transmitters, it can transfer captured and live streaming data in parallel thereby resuming your use cases faster. The Light ASIC empowers you to receive more image data from more input sources, process that data more quickly, and integrate with the latest camera sub-system peripherals. All of this happens as close to the cameras as possible to ensure the lowest latencies and fastest processing.

Multi-camera Array

Our customizable camera array solution with geometric and photometric calibration. With solutions ranging from 4 or more modules, we can optimize for optical zoom, low-light, or all-around performance.

Light can enable numerous camera array solutions — all customized to your needs. Some solutions consists of four camera modules while others incorporate 18 camera modules for a superset of features. A Light array can let you zoom in like never before or enable 3D applications with unprecedented data. Our arrays are flexible for multiple use cases, and can leverage the camera module supply chain you prefer. We can optimize for optical zoom and clarity for a security camera, weight on a drone system, or low light performance on a smartphone. We can even create a camera array that is of higher resolution, lower power,

and cheaper than existing LIDAR solutions for autonomous vehicles. We help you to push the boundaries of imaging.

We also have a state of the art calibration system that measures and aligns multi-camera arrays. This allows us to map pixels in 3D space and ensures each pixel is perfectly matched across cameras. Our system extends beyond the factory floor and will correct and dynamically manage calibration to handle the real-world effects of temperature and usage over time.

Light Fusion
Engine Software

Dedicated software pipeline built to handle multi-camera image fusion. Light’s Polar Fusion is a proprietary computational imaging software engine developed to combine multiple images into a single high quality image.

Our software pipeline is built to combine multiple images from different perspectives, as well as different sensors, apertures, and focal lengths. The system will dynamically capture and fuse images for the highest quality output. We leverage pixel matching, geometric corrections, machine learning, and ISP (Image Signal Processor) algorithms in order to achieve our results. The software works on multiple platforms and devices.

This processing can also generate incredibly accurate depth maps. Most multi-camera arrays capture less than 10 layers of depth. Our camera arrays can capture thousands of unique depth layers and then refine it further with computer vision and AI to help you derive key meaning from a scene.

A detailed depth map creates whole new opportunities for what you can do with your images including scene classification, object detection and recognition, as well as advance rendering. And this is just the beginning. With the Light depth map available via API, our partners can harness this data for a nearly infinite range of applications.

Light is everywhere.



DSLR-level image quality in your smartphone

  • Unparalleled sharpness and pixel information
  • Improved low light performance
  • Increased zoom and super resolution
  • Depth of field control and advanced editing controls
  • New AR / VR applications
  • Simultaneous HDR

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Digital cameras

Professional grade image quality in the most compact form ever seen

  • Compact form factor
  • Multi-camera control
  • Simultaneous HDR
  • Compatibility with ultra-high-performance hardware
  • Advanced editing features (bokeh, aperture, etc)

Security Cameras

Powerful high-resolution cameras in small form factors

  • High-resolution wide-angle video (4K video)
  • Incredible live still image capture (16mp still image capture)
  • Small form factor and energy efficient
  • Available in multiple image sensor configurations (color, panchromatic, IR, thermal, etc.)
  • Customizable for varying bandwidth needs


Improved accuracy and efficiency for automotive applications

  • Cheaper / easier implementation than LIDAR
  • Passive optic solution for realistic and real-time vision
  • Dynamic 3D depth sensing using multiple cameras


Compact, lightweight, super-resolution cameras that are perfect for flying

  • Maximized space and power efficiency
  • Fixed center of mass when zooming for improved drone stability
  • Extreme resolution, detail, and depth from a distance

Robotics & Manufacturing

Leading edge computer vision and mapping for production

  • Real-time 3D depth sensing using multi-optic vision
  • High resolution output and pixel detail
  • Variable form factor size (application and component-size dependent)
  • Combine multiple image sensor configurations
 (color, panchromatic, etc.)

“Light will completely revolutionize the world of mobile imaging.”

Akshay Naheta, Partner, SoftBank Investment Advisors

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Manufacturing Expertise

Light has significant expertise in all parts of the development and manufacturing process. We designed, manufactured, and brought to market the award-winning L16 camera, which has over 2,000 parts. We are working alongside a global smartphone vendor to launch our technology in a flagship phone this year. And most importantly, we have close relationships with multiple world-class partners from Qualcomm to Sunny to Foxconn.

Local support

Light’s design and manufacturing resources are right where you need them. We have design and development locations across the US, and a fully developed team in Taipei dedicated to calibration, component verification, and manufacturing support. Our Taipei-based team is led by an industry expert, with delivery-focused resources in China, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.

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The Light L16

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. Luckily, the L16 is small enough to fit in your back pocket—and weighs less than a pound—so you never have to leave your camera behind.

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