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세계 최고 수준의 이미지 처리 플랫폼

Light’s technology drastically reduces the size, weight, and cost of traditional high-quality cameras by replacing analog complexity with digital intelligence. Leveraging the silent revolution in mobile imaging components and applying Light’s breakthroughs in computational photography, Light technology enables high-resolution, high-quality, depth-enabled imaging in any form factor.

Using machine learning, Light’s computational imaging improves with every captured frame and has wide-ranging applications from high-end cameras to intelligent machine vision. If you're building next generation technology, partnering with Light can bring the power of multi-aperture, computational imaging to your products.

DSLR-level image quality in every smartphone

Light’s smartphone solutions capture dramatically more light than the best devices on the market today, and use this light to create stunning photos in the most challenging lighting conditions. Light technology produces the highest quality and most information-dense images ever seen in a smartphone footprint. Light can help smartphone OEMs solve the key challenges of multi-camera computational photography, including:

  • Geometric multi-camera calibration

  • Multi-aperture image fusion using Light's proprietary Polar Fusion Engine

  • Dynamic sensor synchronization using Light's proprietary Lux Capacitor camera control chip

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Advanced vision:
Intelligent imaging for autonomous vehicles and robots

Light technology has limitless applications, from stand-alone cameras to drones, autonomous vehicles and robotics. Soon, machines will be able to navigate through three-dimensional space using only a simple camera array. Combining machine learning with Light’s Lux Capacitor camera-control chip and Light’s Polar Fusion Engine for image processing, Light’s software-defined camera systems improve with every image they take and enable machines to see like humans.

Security cameras:
Powerful high-resolution cameras in small form-factors

Light’s multi-camera approach enables security cameras to both record constant video in 4K+ resolution, and use Light's HyperImage technology to capture ultra-high resolution images of scenes of interest. Light-powered security cameras can also use multiple camera modules independently to focus on areas of interest, instead of remaining fixed on the wide-angle scene. In addition, Light’s security solutions are:

  • Small form factor and energy efficient

  • Customizable for varying bandwidth needs

  • Available in multiple image sensor configurations
 (including panchromatic, IR, thermal etc.)

Digital Camera Manufacturers:
Professional grade image quality in the most compact form ever seen

Light’s solutions enable camera companies to unleash the power of multi-aperture computational photography and offer professional-grade image quality at a fraction of the size, weight, and cost of modern-day DSLRs. For camera brands and manufacturers, partnering with Light accelerates time to market and drastically improves product innovation and image quality. Light’s licensing programs include:

  • Camera design, including optics, actuators, arrays etc.

  • Light's Polar Fusion Engine - computational algorithms and image quality improvements

  • Light’s Lux Capacitor - proprietary ASIC control chip for 4+ camera modules

  • Geometric calibration

  • Manufacturing and supply chain expertise

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