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Speak with one of our experts to learn how Light can create a market-leading computational imaging solution for your product.
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Leaders in
Computational Imaging

Light is unmatched in building and developing computational imaging solutions for smartphones, cameras, and more, with both ready to deploy and custom-built solutions. With over 100 professionals working across multiple continents, Light experts have decades of combined experience designing, calibrating, and building multi-module camera systems.

Leadership with a Proven Track Record

Dave Grannan and Rajiv Laroia started Light with a simple question: How can we take quality photos with the least amount of gear? Relying on their rich experience leading companies and bringing products successfully to market, they built a team of experts and developed first-of-its-kind camera technology. Now, with the backing of Softbank’s Vision Fund and Leica Camera, Light is working to create the future of imaging far beyond consumer photography and smartphones.

Manufacturing Resources Where You Need Them

We have design and development locations across the United States, with fully developed teams in Tapei dedicated to calibration, component verification, and manufacturing support. Our Taipei team is led by industry experts with delivery-focused resources in China, Korea, and Hong Kong.




We will work with you to build a shared understanding of your product’s goals, timelines, and requirements while providing you with details about Light’s technology.



Next, our team works with you to select key features and camera module options that match your product’s needs.



Light works closely with your product teams to develop working samples and proofs of concept (POCs)s that can be built into your device.



To ensure that your product launch is as successful as possible, Light supports the production process with calibration, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software engineering experts.


How long does it take to get a solution up and running?

We can get started in as little as 30 days, and we can have prototypes up and running in three to six months depending on the request and contracts. Total delivery time depends on the nature of the project.

How big is the Light team?

We have a team of over 100 people, including Computational Imaging PhDs, Image Quality engineers, and software engineers to ensure that we can handle all parts of the process, from design to mass production.

What configuration should we choose?

Light will work with you to produce the right configuration for the features and performance that you choose to improve, such as high resolution, low light, or HDR.

Where can I find more technical details about your solution?

We have further technical details readily available. Fill out the contact form below and one of our experts will be in touch.

Do you have image comparisons with
market-leading smartphone cameras?

Yes. We use multiple testing solutions, like DxOMark, to quantify our image quality, and we are creating an image quality summary to help customers test image quality.

Which chipsets can be used with the Light ASIC?

The Light ASIC can be used with the latest chipsets including the Qualcomm Snapdragon series.

Can Light’s calibration adapt dynamically
to product and situational changes?

Yes, Light’s computational imaging algorithms can adjust for a range of parameter shifts in the device, including self-correcting for temperature changes and impact. If camera module positions change and captured images do not overlap according to specifications, Light software dynamically adjusts its computations to compensate for these changes.

Partner with us

Light is building technology that will usher in the era of fully autonomous vehicles. If you would like to join us on our journey, fill out the form, and we will be in touch shortly.

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